Water Arts In Disney World Creates Magic

Dec 06

Water arts

Disney world is famous for games and cartoon characters that are available inside the park. It is one of the resorts that is most visited in a year. They also have various themes and interesting rallies inside the theme parks that attracts more kids towards the park. The recent attraction in the Disney world is the water arts created by the workers that are really magical to watch.

Usually these paintings will be drawn by the workers to resemble a battle and the visitors will be asked to decide the winner in the battle. Hence the clean up in the Disney world is also made magical. The beginning of stitch is the most preferred art requested by the visitors. Hence a worker told that he learnt to draw that character quickly and eventually he learnt to draw all the characters even upside down which adds more spice to the act.

When these arts photos were posted for the first time in the internet big responses were not expected but the response was higher than the expectations that too in a positive manner within few hours after the post. Even thank you messages were received stating that the experience was amazing in the park.

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