The Secrets to Finding the Acrylic Splashback of Your Dreams

Apr 14

Every single kitchen element matters when it comes to creating the perfect interior. An acrylic splashback is an ideal piece because of its versatility. It can be customised in multiple ways, helping you create the kitchen of your dreams.

What’s the secret to discovering the kitchen splashbacks of your dreams? Personalisation! You should simply keep on looking until you identify the piece that fits inside your concept, that helps you bring an idea to reality.

Acrylic splashbacks come in an overwhelming array of colours. It’s even possible to print a picture that you like on the splashback and create a completely unique piece. In order to enjoy all of the benefits, you’ll have to sit down and do a bit of preliminary planning. If you have a clear concept of what you’d like to accomplish, you’ll find it much easier to sort through dozens of kitchen splashbacks.

Colour Considerations
Acrylic splashbacks are available in all imaginable colours. The first thing you have to do is think about the tone that will enhance the interior design concept and contribute to visual harmony. At the same time, it should be practical for placement in the most functional room that your house has.

Consider the amount of natural light entering the kitchen and the main colours that your furniture and walls come in. Natural light will have an impact on the brightness and the way in which the colour is perceived. A beautiful splashback should either work with or contrast the other colours to create a point of interest.

Should you track trends in kitchen interior design colours? (You can find some recent ones here) The answer depends entirely on your preferences. Remember one main thing – interior design trends change while acrylic splashbacks are designed to last a very long time. Going for something classical and timeless is usually a much smarter decision.

One final tip is to consider bolder colours, as well. Don’t be afraid of a splash of colour in the kitchen. The kitchen splashback is an ideal focal point that will draw the attention of a visitor. A bright and bold splashback against a pastel background will definitely turn your kitchen in a memorable place.

Saturation and Brightness
An acrylic kitchen splashback can feature gentle pastel shades or it can be very saturated. If you do a bit of online research and go through a catalogue, you’ll find out that the options are limitless. One example would be Paletton.

Pastel tones create a peaceful and balanced interior. They don’t “scream” at the person sitting inside the kitchen. Because the tones are a bit more muted, you can have a combination of multiple shades and tons working beautifully alongside each other.

Brighter colours create a modern and bolder atmosphere. They’re typical for minimalist kitchen designs and the homes of younger people who are eager to embrace new trends.

It’s also possible for pastels and a few brighter colours to work alongside each other. If you don’t know which colour palette will work best for your kitchen and how to choose an acrylic splashback, you may want to have a consultation with an interior designer or decorator.

The Quality of the Kitchen Splashbacks is Also Important
When they’re new, all acrylic kitchen splashbacks will look attractive. To maintain the brightness and saturation of the colour, however, you’ll have to go for high quality pieces.

The manner in which the colour is applied to the acrylic material is one of the first factors that will determine its longevity. Some of the best products have opaque colour vinyl attached to the rear of each acrylic panel. The front features a high gloss finish. A combination of these two techniques leads to richness, depth and colour clarity that are impossible to achieve through the use of solid colour panels.

When investing in such products, look for a manufacturer warranty, as well. The best acrylic panels come with at least five to 10 years of warranty. This perk lets you know that the company producing the splashbacks is confident in the quality of its products. You can buy such splashbacks and rest assured that if you experience a problem, you’ll be free from having to pay for the fix.

Finally, choose a company that gives you access to a huge colour catalogue such as Sometimes, the subtle difference between shades will be determining for the creation of your dream kitchen. Don’t make compromises and keep on looking until you identify the item that’s just right. Chances are that such kitchen splashbacks have already been manufactured or that they could be customised for you.