Where is the Best Street Art in UK?

Mar 27

London, the capital of the United Kingdom takes pride in its vivid and brilliant array of Street Art. Here are the best places to explore the most spectacular pieces:

Brick Lane
Brick Lane is a street gallery of artists from different countries. Both sides of the Osborne Street heading to the marketplace are covered with awesome artworks.
The Tonybee Hall on Commercial Street features an eye-catching graffiti, where the hair crafted from ivy extends down the building. When you walk along Fashion Street to Brick Lane, you will discover Star Yard parking lot. You certainly would find amazing designs in this place.
Another remarkable street is Hanbury where you can visit the popular ‘Big Rower’ wall. You would not want to miss the great Bicicleta Semprayo art piece here. Moreover, you can check out the Corbet Place, where you will come across popular artworks such as Banksy’s car, D-Face, and the giant 3D ‘bow’ and ‘arrow’. You should also go to Monty’s Bar, where many street artists patronize the place.

Camden has several infrastructures such as bridges, canals, old buildings, and railway lines, which attract street artists because they can use a makeover. The marketplace becomes a large space for artists to do their work before it opens and after it closes.
You can wander along Camden Road towards Beatrice pub, where you can find an alley with astonishing art designs. Hawley Street and Hartland Road also have impressive art creations.
Ingrid Beazley and Street Art London held a festival in May 2013 to showcase the works of popular street artists, namely Conor Harrington, MadC, Pablo Delgado, Phlegm, REKA, ROA, RUN and others. The purpose of the festival was to depict the classical collection of paintings from Dulwich Picture Gallery.

Hackney Wick
Hackney Wick is an industrial area, and the home of many artists. From the Hackney Wick Station, proceed to Wallis Road, then to 90 Bar, which contains a great deal of Street Art. Wallis Street has a striking mural, which was painted by Martin Ron Murales.
Fish Island is the place to go if you want to see the artworks of Sweettooth, 616, Ai Hamish, Himbad, Nemo, Pang, The Real Deal, and Tim Chris.
Hackney Wick is also one of the places in London, where many artists practice their skills in creating artworks.

Leake Street Tunnel
Under the Waterloo Station is a 300-meter tunnel filled with Street Art. Its popularity started when Banksy, a renowned artist used this place for the Festival of Cans years ago. After the event, it became a legal area for people to create graffiti, stencils and sprays. Its walls have become a training ground for street artists; hence, art displays change often.

Even if Brick Lane and Shoreditch Lanes converge, art enthusiasts recommend exploring it on separate occasions. You can begin the tour from Boxpark where you can find the pop-up mall constructed from shipping containers. Then, move to Shoreditch Art Wall situated in the Great Eastern Street. You can sometimes catch sight of advertising through Street Art. You will marvel at the art displays at Village Underground on Holywell Lane, Pure Evil Gallery on Leonard Street, Blackall, Willow Street and Ravey Street.
For well-known artists, you should go to Rivington Street to see the artworks of Banksy, Ben Eine, Cranio, Rolla, and Stinkfish. Do not forget to drop by Redchurch Street, where you can find the art pieces of Shepard Fairy, Nathan Bowen, and Jim Vision.

A tour in London to see the iconic street galleries is easy because of its efficient transport facilities. You could walk for hours being captivated by the beauty of its many art treasures.