About Me

Bob PritchardGreetings to all! I am Bob Pritchard, living in New York for the past few years. I am an artist who is interested in various art forms all round the world. Hope you all had a good time while reading my blog about art. I started my own studio at the age of 29 and it is running successfully. This job gives me a way to expose my creativity and live my dreams. I started painting just as a hobby but later it transformed to my profession and passion. There is a satisfaction whenever a buyer says that my creation is worth of the cost that he gives.

My suggestion for the persons who has interest in this field is that before starting a studio of your own please have training for at least 5 years. Whatever the art form you may choose so that you can master that art form and do innovations that sweeps the customers off their feet. Even I took training for about 7 years the higher you master the technique the longer you can survive in the field without any criticisms. A wonderful art cannot be sold without proper marketing so it is also an important fact to be noted in the business. If your marketing skills are also as good as your art then the demand for your talent will reach a different level in future. Always choose a profession that is your passion and makes you feel comfortable to work in so that your work always stands out of the box when compared with others.